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Moving forward… Mobile pallet racks MOVO

With the development of business turnover is growing, the assortment is increasing, and many companies face the situation where the existing warehouse space is not enough and steps are required to increase its capacity.

movo1What can be done to ensure that warehousing can meet the growing needs of the company? 

If the size of the existing premises does not satisfy the new tasks of an actively developing business, then usually the first desire is to rent additional space or build a new warehouse. Such a solution suggests itself and, of course, will solve the problem quickly and efficiently. But will it be cost effective? 

Let's consider an alternative option with less cost to implement it. 

Take a typical warehouse - not very big and not modern. The vast majority of companies at the start of their activities if they install racking systems, they start with the simplest and most universal storage and handling technologies using frontal storage systems for goods on pallets. This is convenient because the racks can be quickly and easily installed and commissioned. Such systems make it possible to store a very diverse range of products, are easy to maintain, and ensure that all basic warehouse operations are carried out. 

movo3It would seem that a growing business will automatically set for the owner of the company the task of increasing storage space, which sometimes can lead to a change in warehouse location, changes in logistics and other unpleasant consequences of both technical and financial nature. Is it possible to solve this problem, while remaining within the boundaries of the existing warehouse? It turns out - yes, if you use the MOVO mobile cargo shelving system

The MOVO system can both double the capacity of an existing warehouse, and save half of the required space, while still providing optimal access to stored loads. As can be seen in the diagram, with its help, without changing the technology of cargo handling and using the same loading equipment, it is possible to achieve a significant increase in the storage capacity in the same area.

movo4You don’t need to build, you don’t need to rent, you only prepare the premises for the installation of a mobile shelving system. Even existing stationary racks can become part of a new automated storage system. If the existing concrete base of the warehouse is reliable and capable of withstanding the load, then first it will be necessary to prepare the floor for the installation of rail rails of the mobile shelving system.

The next stage is the installation of mobile bases for electric racks, the installation of a system of frontal racks on mobile bases, the connection to the building’s electrical network and the adjustment of the control system. 

The modular design of MOVO racks allows you to adapt to the premises of various geometries. To ensure smooth operation all components are manufactured using the most modern components, parts and assemblies. High-quality structural steels ensure the operation of warehouse equipment even at temperatures below -30 ° C.

movo2The storage system can be equipped with both the simplest management system using the control panel of the racks, and can be fully automated with integration into the company's ERP or WMS system.

Light barriers, sound and visual warning system are designed to fully protect the work of staff. The entire system immediately stops when it detects the slightest obstacle in the path of the racks.

Mobile shelving systems are innovations, efficiency, individual approach and rational choice.


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