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SEC Exports Becomes Dexion’s Sole Distributor in East, West & North Africa and the Caribbean

Dexion is delighted to announce it has signed an Authorised Distributor and Brand Licence agreement with SEC Exports. The agreement confirms SEC Export as Dexion’s sole distributor for key countries located in East, West & North Africa and the Caribbean

SEC ExportsMartin Whitworth, Sales Director at SEC Exports, commented “We are proud to become part of the Dexion family at what is an exciting time for growth in infrastructure, logistics and warehousing to support diverse market sectors such as Food, Agriculture, Mining, Oil and Gas across these strategic areas.

I have personally worked closely with Dexion for nearly 20 years on hundreds of warehouse and storage installations across the globe and with this sole distributor agreement now in place for a significant number of overseas territories, we are excited about the future of delivering intelligent warehouse solutions through SEC Exports, combining our own award-winning design and installation expertise, with Dexion’s world leading range of high quality products, all manufactured in the UK and Europe.”

Brian Howson, Head of Export for Dexion, remarked: “We are very pleased to partner up with SEC Exports. We are confident that through this strategic alliance we will be able to extend our presence in key markets together with a reliable partner. Our customer values are aligned and we both strongly believe in prioritizing customer satisfaction, which can be achieved through our storage solutions.”

About SEC Exports

SEC Exports is specialised in creating supply chain solutions through inventory management and providing dedicated supply bases to customers often in extremely remote locations across the Africa and Asia continents as well as South America and the Caribbean, where often vast quantities of stock are needed to be held onsite due to challenging transport infrastructure.

With over 20 years of global experience in market sectors including agriculture, mining, oil and gas, the SEC Exports sales team continues to offer valuable insight into storage solutions tailored for installation overseas, drawing on innovative design solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

About Dexion

Dexion is one of the world’s leading provider of warehouse logistics solutions. With a total of 7 production sites in Germany, Romania, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Czech Republic, Dexion supplies its customers worldwide with tailormade logistics solutions. From static racking to fully automated storage solutions, they provide their customers worldwide with complete warehouse solutions.

Since January 2018, Dexion has been a member of the Gonvarri Material Handling Group.

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