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North America’s MODEX 22 is key event for forging partnerships

A leadership team from Dexion’s parent company, Gonvarri Material Handling, have been strengthening ties in North America by attending the world’s premier supply chain event, MODEX 22.

The four-day event in Atlanta showcases leading supply chain players from around the globe. Among the exhibitors were local partners of Gonvarri Material Handling (GMH), who manufacture and supply state-of-the-art industrial storage solutions for clients in North America.

The leadership team from GMH included CEO Sergio Rodriguez Cuesta and Chief Technical Officer Brian Howson. Also in the group were Gonvarri Colombia Technical Lead Santiago Correa Romero; Almaceno General Manager Santiago Jaramillo; Petr Ševčík, CEO Kredit (a GMH subsidiary in the Czech Republic); and Miguel Angel Diaz, Corporate Development, Gonvarri Industries.

Sergio said the team were delighted to attend the event, which when last staged was held remotely due to the pandemic.

“It was great to be able to attend a face-to-face MODEX event and to meet up with contacts and partners again,” he said. “MODEX is an excellent opportunity to strengthen and build on the partnerships we have in North America and to forge new links with organisations in the supply chain sector.”

MODEX is the largest manufacturing and supply chain expo to be staged in 2022. Featuring 850 exhibitors – including GMH local partners – it provides an opportunity for supply chain sector players from around the globe to meet up and create new alliances. As well as the exhibitors, there are educational sessions and a number of keynote speakers.

Spread across an impressive 407,000 square feet, the floor is packed with representatives of of manufacturing and supply chain solutions.

Dexion in North America is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial storage solutions. We lead the field in automation, semi-automation and manual equipment, which optimises the use of industrial space and provides maximum efficiency for any warehouse or storage facility.

Brian said: “GMH have had a presence in North America for three years, thanks to our local partners. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to meet with them, and other key contacts at the MODEX expo. We are very encouraged and we are on a firm footing for further expansion into North America.”

Petr added: “North America is an extremely important market for GMH and our KREDIT brand, so we value the opportunity to come to Atlanta, meet existing and new contacts and strengthen our alliances.”

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